Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Peter and Karen: The Reception

You might recognize Karen from being a bridesmaid in her sister Laura's wedding a few months ago. I taught Karen (and her two siblings!) a few years back, so it's always fun to see a past student celebrate their big day! Karen and Peter had the talented Jaime Delaine capturing their wedding day but had us capture the reception. Gary is our reception guy so these are all by my lovely husband. We don't usually post too many reception pictures, but this time, it's all we did so here are a bunch. Enjoy!
{Beautiful cake}
{A lot of kissing}
{A little cutting and eating of the cake}
{A lot of laughing during the speeches}
{Then, on to the first dance!}
{Garter toss...I love her brother Mark's expression on the right. All those eligible bachelors and the youngest guy there catches it!}

Congratulations Peter & Karen. Karen, you looked so beautiful. I'm so glad you enjoyed your day so much and I hope you are having a super awesome honeymoon!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Alysha, Karah & Andrew

This session took place immediately after the last one and at the same lovely location (Heritage area of Derby Reach). Mom said they were more into nature than buildings so that is what we focussed on. It was fun photographing older know, ones that smile when you say to! This family goes to our church and it was great spending time with them getting to know them better. You really do get to know a family or couple in a short amount of time anytime that you photograph them! This is a close family that has a lot of fun together, you can tell that they are just very comfortable together. By the way, the lighting was perfect. I would always recommend evening (or early morning) sessions. Here we go...
{In the picture below, can you tell that Karah is tickling Andrew to get him to smile? }

I should have gotten a picture of the whole family running through the field:) I hope you enjoyed your gelatos in Fort Langley afterwards! I think almost every single family, with kids, goes for ice cream after their photo session. Hope you enjoy your pictures and we'll see you soon!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Taeya & Ezra

Just a few days ago I was able to take photos of Kelly and her family in a mini session. Kelly is also a photographer so I can totally understand her desire to get a good family photo. I feel the exact same way. We went to a cool, new (to me) location at Derby Reach; the Heritage Area. So great, I cannot believe I haven't taken photos there before. I will definitely go back. I knew Kelly a bit in high school (I dated her brother...can I say that here?!) but then we got connected again through blogging a few years back. It was so great meeting her family in person. The kids were so adorable and had a great time running around. Let's get to it!
{I love that Taeya is looking back in the picture below. Seriously, what a beautiful location! Kelly had done a shoot there last week so I was happy that she wanted her session done there.}

{Field+Girl Smelling Flowers=Awesome. I can't wait to photograph more kids there...sometime. Hey, maybe my own!}

{Kelly and Alf, I hope it's okay that I included a kissing picture! I just love it because you can see the two kids in the background. It just shows love and family and ya, I like it:)}

{Good thing there were some airplanes and tugboats to entertain the kids! I wasn't so exciting after the first 15 minutes:)}

I hope you enjoy your family photos. Thank you for introducing me to this fabulous location and your wonderful family!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lily & Makayla

I love taking pictures of babies. LOVE IT! In this shoot, there were baby cousins. So awesome. Just 4 months apart, these girls will have so much fun growing up together. I really enjoy taking photos with an extended family (okay, a small extended family) because then you get to see the interactions with grandma and grandpa. This session was special because it took place on Father's Day, what a great way to celebrate it! So, prepare yourself for some cuteness...

{I love purple shirts in photos! People often ask what to wear, I would say that it's nice to have a pattern in a group and that it's also nice to have a solid bright top. Like above.}
{All the mommas and then...all the dads! Happy Father's Day!}
{I love taking photos for the random interactions, like above. You know, where they think you won't post the pictures:) And then below, a few with just grandma and grandpa}

{Aren't Lily's eyes amazing?!}

{We found some long grass next to a parking lot and it was perfect!}
It was nice meeting you all and I had a lot of fun. Hopefully I'll see more of those sweet girls as they grow up!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What Is Cuter?

What's cuter than one adorable baby? Two!! Coming up later this week...

50th Wedding Anniversary Family Photos

To celebrate grandma and grandpa's 50th wedding anniversary, this huge (and tall!) family had some photos done. Now, it's a little different than our usual family photos in a few ways. It was midday with bright sun (best photos are done an hour before sunset or after sunrise), there was a huge number of people, it was taken in their yard, and the pictures were a little more formal than we normally do. However, I think we got quite a variety in that one hour and we got huge family photos with everyone's eyes open:) There was one spot of shade that we used for individual shots but otherwise, we had everyone in the bright sun and we just used our studio lights and umbrellas. Happy Anniversary to Grandma and Grandpa V, look at that amazing family you have!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


This past week I had the opportunity to meet 3 month old Annabelle. Her mom, Jen, used to play on our football team and her dad, Chris, was our coach. They moved to Saskatchewan where Jen works as a doctor so it's been a while since I'd seen them. When I heard they were coming to BC, I asked to take a few pictures for them so that I can meet this little darling. Annabelle let us know that 20 minutes was her limit so that's what we did. So good to see you all again! We (our football team!) miss you both!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fort Langley Family Photos

This awesome group of kids booked a family photo shoot for their mom's 50th birthday. Such a thoughtful gift!! If you think you've seen them before, we have done Jen and Joel's wedding as well as Mike's grad photos:) It was a beautiful evening and here are some pictures of the lovely family.

{Aren't mom and dad so cute together?}{The oldest daughter, Julie, is 28 weeks pregnant! Very exciting time for their family.}

{Just the girls! We joked about having an `outtake' section of photos but I won't include all of the silly faces dad made:) }
{When we were getting the shot on the railroad tracks below, a man stopped to talk to us. I thought he was going to say `What a beautiful family!' but he just gave a stern warning about not losing a limb on the tracks. Got it.}

Gerda, I hope you had a wonderful 50th birthday. You have a truly beautiful family, inside and out.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Anna & Kristen

This weekend I had the opportunity to take photos of these beautiful girls, check out their amazing green eyes!! I don't mean to always comment on the weather, but seriously, the weather around here has been so up and down over the past month and fortunately, we got a good day. We took some photos in their yard and then we went to Williams Park. I've only taken pictures there once before so it was so nice to go back and explore a different area (like the steps in the forest!!). Enjoy.
{Sasha, the adorable dog, was able to get in some of the family photos while we were at the house. I think she really wanted to join us for the rest of the session:)}
{Check out Anna's eyes above!!}

{And Kristen's eyes! Looking below, don't you love that wooden staircase in the middle of the forest?! I also love the silly picture. Kids always love doing a silly picture and it seems like mom and dad don't mind either!}

{The girls did a fabulous job and then they discovered a caterpillar. It was all about `Catty' (or `Caddy', not sure) then. They made sure he had a nice new comfy home.}

It was nice meeting you all and I hope that you enjoy your family photos!