Friday, October 29, 2010

Kevin & Lindsey | Wedding Day Photos

Kevin and Lindsey had their big day over the Thanksgiving weekend. It was a family filled event with Kevin having his four brothers as groomsmen and Lindsey having her two sisters (plus two friends) as bridesmaids. Every niece and nephew was involved, except for the youngest who was born just a week before (so cute!!). The fall colours were displayed throughout their day and they even had a turkey dinner at the reception. With the threat of a major rainfall on the horizon, they wanted to do most of the photos in the church, before the ceremony. It's always a bit challenging doing indoor photos but we made it work and there wasn't any rushing around. Congratulations Kevin and Lindsey, here are some of your photos from the day...
{There were a lot of women getting ready at Lindsey's place; it was a great atmosphere. I also loved seeing their engagement photos around the house...that always makes me feel happy:). Lindsey was super laid back and just ready to get married.}

{Gary met the guys at Kevin's place and they got some shots with `the car'.}
{Kevin came to pick Lindsey up and they were both pretty giddy:)}

{Off to the church....}
{Just before going down the aisle, the flower girl spilled the petals AND one of the ring bearers ran down a side aisle. Just a little bit of cute chaos:) Make sure you check out the last black and white in this sequence. I just love the look of Kevin's mom as she looks at her son with such love and happiness.}
{I'm glad that we did some outdoor photos before the rain came. There is a perfect agricultural building next to the church where it added a nice, colourful backdrop to some photos...}

{And then it was into the church building for a few photos. Sweet shot of Lindsey with her newest little nephew, just one week old.}

{Off to the reception where they had personalized m+m's; they had their dates and pictures on them! Now, I know a certain couple that also had personalized m+m's for their guests...but ours didn't have our pictures on them, just our names. You win.}.

{There were some fabulous childhood videos of Kevin, as well as some that his friends had made. Lots and lots of laughter!!}
{If you wanted the couple to kiss, you had to pull a task out of a hat. In this one, a future son-in-law had to do more push ups than is soon to be father-in-law.}

{Congratulations you two. I hope the day was everything you had hoped for and more. All the best to you two and we'll see you around!}.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Caleb & Keenan | Family Photos

I loved this photo session. I don't know if it was the location, the lighting, the kids, or the conversation, but it was really enjoyable. We met behind the Port Moody Recreation Center and went on a walk along the Shoreline Trail. I had taken photos of this lovely family a year ago and I love doing updated photos! It's a chance to see how the kids have grown, and, it's a compliment to be asked to do another session:) Elise and Jonathan, thank you so much for having me take your photos again, I really enjoyed our time together.
{Caleb, the older brother, was all smiles for me. Last time, it took a while but that could've been because of the freezing cold weather. This time, it was Keenan that didn't want to smile for me. About half way through, he finally cracked a smile...and then I proceeded to take a billion pictures of him. Don't you love the boardwalk below? How fun!}
{I always encourage mom and dad to get some photos together because I know how it is with one parent always behind the camera!}

{See, this is when Keenan started smiling so I took a whole lotta pictures of him!}
{I love how Caleb had his stuffed cow, Danica, in every photo:)}

{Interactions between kids and their parents are always special and unique. I'm particularly liking these daddy and sons ones.}

{Thank you so much for a great morning and for introducing me to another picturesque part of Port Moody. Boys, you did a great job!}

Monday, October 25, 2010

Kennedy | Birthday Girl

My oldest niece, Kennedy, turned thirteen a few months ago. For this momentous birthday, I gave her the gift of a photo shoot with friends. Just over a week ago, when the weather was PERFECT, I met Kennedy with eight of her close friends. They all came in fabulously colourful shirts and hoodies. I know I've said that I love purple in photos, and I still really do, but I'm also loving the green! They had a bunch of different ideas and since I haven't been thirteen for...a while... it was great that they knew what they wanted:) I got individual shots of each girl, then Kennedy with each girl, and then the rest were pretty much all group shots. Enjoy!!
{The two girls just above are actually both of my nieces; Delaney and Kennedy. Delaney also just turned thirteen so I think that a photoshoot is in her near future as well:) I think it's so great that they are so close in age and that we all live close by. Being that Kennedy lives closer to us, she is also our babysitter!}

{There are a bunch of really great jumping shots from all around Fort Langley:)}

{The picture above totally makes me smile:) We also got a lot of pictures with their `hearts''s a giant one!}

{They were so young and carefree running on the beach! What a beautiful day and beautiful group of girls! Girls, I hope you like your pictures and I also hope that you're not checking these out in your info tech class....wait until you get home! Love you Kennedy. Happy birthday.}.